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And the wolf behowls the moon

As many of you know, wolves are animals dear to my heart.
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The rush to hunt wolves: what is this about?

Photo: Flickr, Richard Bolt

3,500 wolf tags sold in Idaho in three hours yesterday (that's nearly 20 every second) after the Idaho Fish and Game Department began issuing permits. At $11.75 a pop, that tells volumes about what wolves are worth to the state. Are these people competing with Governor Butch Otter, who roughly two years ago, claimed he wanted to be the first in line to shoot a wolf? By next Tuesday, September 1st, when Idaho's hunt starts, how many more thousands of tags will be issued to kill 220 wolves in the state-sponsored hunt? (The Nez Perce Tribe has an additional 35 permits-and maybe many more-in a separate tribe-sponsored hunt in Idaho).

Why? How sporting is it to kill a wolf, which looks a lot like a malamute? And why now, since the Northern Rockies population is still just rebounding, after being wiped out (for all intents and purposes) from the landscape until 1995? After spending millions of taxpayer dollars on one of the most successful endangered species recovery efforts in the country, why do we need to kill them now-before they are fully recovered? What's the rush?

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