Valya Dudycz Lupescu (valya_dl) wrote,
Valya Dudycz Lupescu

A Girl and Her Table

Earlier last year, I heard about the furniture of Korean designer Kwak Chulan, and I was immediately taken by the beauty and energy of his tables:

These tables were inspired by running horses, and they are poetry captured in form. So lovely.

Kwak's tables made a lasting impression and when they came to my attention again, I decided to try and contact this brilliant young designer to inquire about his works of art.

We emailed back and forth, and I commissioned a table in walnut. It would taken several months, so I put it in the back of my mind and busied myself with the business of moving into our new home .

Kwak and I stayed in touch about the progress of the piece, and a few weeks ago, he let me know that my table was complete and would ship.

This morning the UPS man delivered this package to my door:

Kwak's beautiful table arrived in perfect condition, and it is magnificent:

In an interesting twist of fate, since I had already contacted Kwak, I was able to put Neil Gaiman in touch with the designer when Neil expressed interest in Kwak's tables on Twitter. Oh, what a small, small world.

So soon our table (dubbed the dancing table by my 2-year-old daughter), will have a sister table on a distant Scottish Isle. (Although I believe that his table will be a darker table, more is appropriate.)

My youngest has claimed our dancing table for her own and has decided to stake her claim before her siblings get home from school.

I think she may stay under there all day.
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