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This was one of those hectic filled weekends, with family parties and morning meetings. The kids had fun, but now we're in the throes of Monday and I have to catch up.

The electrician and the carpenters are here to work on the kitchen and hang up the lighting fixtures in the living and dining rooms. After a few delays, I see that there's progress.

We're moving along. Here's a peek at what we have going on:

The cabinets are being unpacked as I type, and our fabulous carpenters are trying to make sense of our crooked walls.

The electricians have hung one chandelier (I'll post the picture later) in the dining room. But they need to add support for the one in the living room (the chandeliers are made of iron). Such a shame they have to break into the newly-repaired plaster ceiling.

Back to wrangling Lana and keeping her away from any sharp tools.
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