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Iguanas, bushes, and bees

This was exactly the kind of Monday morning I needed: I had a full pot of coffee, the day was gray and cool, and my youngest slept in until almost 10am, allowing me to have 1 1/2 blissful hours of quiet all to myself. So very grateful.

This weekend I met up with my friend Alla (of Prairie Sunshine Yoga) and her daughter, my goddaughter Ksenia, for a delicious dinner at West Town Tavern, followed by crepes and coffee at The Iguana Cafe (with a real iguana!). The "European-style cafe" has a diverse crowd (which makes for great people-watching) and awesome crepes.

Sunday we spent shopping for bushes and trees for the front lawn, and then planting. The kid were (mostly) cooperative. Fuzzy photo taken on the laptop before we left to go shopping:
It felt so good to dig in the dirt, to begin to reshape the landscape around Casa del Lobos! Of course the shrubs are small and still overpowered by the house, but that's part of the fun of it--watching everything grow over time. I haven't really minded leaving any of the homes we previously  lived in, but I have always missed the flowers, bushes, and trees.

And speaking of nature, I found a bee in the girls' closet today.

A bee! In the closet.
The door was shut; the closet is on the second floor; and we haven't had the windows in their room or closet (yes, there are windows in the closet) open yet this Spring. It's another Casa del Lobos mystery, like the hole in the basement

I'm a bit concerned about a potential hive up in the attic, but I also choose to take it as a good omen: bees figure prominently in the book I'm working on at the moment. So I caught this little bee and set him free outside.

If he was sent by my muse, I get the hint. I'm going to hurry up and finish editing this book.


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May. 17th, 2010 07:16 pm (UTC)
When we lived in the U.P. we had a bumble bee -- it looked like the same one -- that kept getting into the house and we'd find it in the same spot every couple of days. Every time I'd catch it and release it outside. Then a couple of days later "George" would be back.

Not like we had anything inside that a bumble bee could bumble. (grin)

Dr. Phil
May. 18th, 2010 12:20 pm (UTC)
bees and flowers
Is this your first spring in the house? If so, it's always fun to see what comes up on its own, thanks to previous owners. And, yes, so good to get into the dirt! I LOVE planting, never wear gloves.

I once caught a bee in the window at a Starbucks in Geneva, IL. I couldn't stand it, it was trying so hard to get out with an open door just to the left. Anyway, I climbed up onto a long window seat with a cup and caught it, letting it go outside. I went back inside and sat down with Jim. Then I saw another bee, and another. They really were everywhere, and we left, I couldn't catch them ALL (well, I suppose I could have, climbing around the window seats in a crowded store), so I had to get out. I always put insects outside.

I went snowshoeing Sunday and saw my first spider of the year--walking across the snow!

love, me
May. 18th, 2010 09:11 pm (UTC)
Bees are often thought to be a connection to the divine. I think you-and the girls-may have been blessed.

Hugs to you all.
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