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Yaaar! Thar be PI-RATES here!!

Originally posted by kylecassidy at Yaaar! Thar be PI-RATES here!!
It's the end-of-year-gift-giving-season!

So many of our friends have written wonderful books, let us recommend some to to you. There's a book about pirates (yaar!), one about werewolves (and vampires), one about living and dying, one about ghosts and adventurers and people who speak with the dead, and one about mythology & Ukrainian folklore presented against a backdrop of WWII. Dig in, root around, buy someone a gift!

Victoria Janssen's The Duke and the Pirate Queen is the reason we're all dressed as pirates around here. Because I'M A PIRATE IN VICTORIA'S BOOK. Fo shizzle. Kyle Cassidy the evil pirate. But don't call him Kyle, he prefers to be known as Venom. Yaar! Be forwarned that it's a racy adventure. So if you've ever had a secret fantasy about crossing swords with me -- er, strike that. Anyway, it's got pirates, sword fights, dominant damsels, marauding corsairs, desert islands, ships, naughty bits, sharks, and did I mention ME?! Victoria's books aren't exactly your mother's romance novels, it's just as likely that Suzy's bad boyfriend is a werewolf as it is that he's got a secret first wife. You could put it in a brown paper wrapper if you're reading it on the subway, but I wouldn't -- the cover's too cool.

Valya Dudycz Lupescu's The Silence of Trees is a Ukrainian fairy tale which made trillian_stars cry when she read it. Valya's coming to Philadelphia this weekend on her book tour. She'll be reading at Robins books Saturday night -- more about this in trillian_stars' lj. We'll be there and there will likely be a par-tay after.

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