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One of my intentions for 2011 is to write more: books, blog, personal correspondence. I’m working on edits for S.C. I have a longer blog in the works, but in the meantime I wanted to finish this wee one I began a few weeks ago.

I’d like to share a few albums & artists that I discovered and loved in 2010 (Many of them are not new, just new to me).

For the last seven years, I feel like my musical listening has consisted primarily of children’s music with the occasional beloved album from my youth thrown in for comfort listening. Of mainstream artists, I have NO clue. Any new listening has come from the trusted recommendations of friends, online and off. I don’t own an iPod, and most music I listen to is on my computer or in the car (on old fashioned cds).

So…here are my top ten (in no particular order) new-to-me artists of 2010:

Sxip Shirey

Kim Boekbinder

Lance Horne

Zoë Keating

Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky

Mucca Pazza

Hera Hjartardottir

Arcade Fire

Gabriel Yared

Bitter Ruin

It’s a varied list, but each is rich and wonderful in their own way.