Valya Dudycz Lupescu (valya_dl) wrote,
Valya Dudycz Lupescu

Distractions (but not really)

Last week Mark was in Germany, so I had a lot of time to write into the wee hours of the morning (when the kids cooperated). To keep my hands busy while I was editing (rather than my usual snacking), I dug up some clay and played with it while re-reading and thinking.

I decided to make one of the characters in the next book (S.C.), and I'm quite happy with the results. Meet Clancy (here being admired by one of Lisa Snellings' Classic Little Red Poppets (take a Poppet home with you here):

It was a fun experience, and he now keeps me company while I write. Back to work...
Tags: clancy, lisa snellings, poppets, s.c.
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