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Sticking for Luck

One of my favorite quirky Ukrainian traditions is the tossing up of a spoonful of kutia (porridge) on Sviat Vechir (Ukrainian Christmas Eve) to see if sticks. 

If it does, it means luck and happiness in the year ahead. 

We usually celebrate the holiday with its traditional 12 dishes at home (see this blog entry from 2011 for more information), but after of my grandparents' passing, my father's siblings asked that we gather together once more to honor my Baba and Dido's memories by sharing this very special meal together. Because our family is now so large, they decided to participate in the Sviata Vecheria dinner at the Ukrainian Cultural Center. 

We did, and it was a nice evening. However, the tradition of the kutia tossing was not repeated on the high ceilings of the banquet hall. 

So I brought some home


It stuck! 


Here's to a happy and healthy 2013!

Tags: family, kutia, luck, remember, sviat vechir, ukrainian traditions
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