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Recent Publications

Just back from a remarkable writers workshop that I really need to write about, but I wanted to first mention a few recent publications. I don't always remember to write about them in a blog entry, but I do try to keep my Valya's Works page updated (here).

A few things recently published:


“Phantom Leaf Effect,” “Tree People,”and “I need to sleep on this poem,” Black Fox Literary Magazine (Summer 2015)


Shower Muse,” Scheherezade’s Bequest – Volume 1, Issue 2 — Something Rich and Strange: Tales from the Sea (Summer 2015)

It's a wonderful issue and such great writing. I'm honored to be a part of it. (Nice write-up about this issue in Fairy Tale News.)

In case you missed it, a fun little molecular gastronomically inspired story in the March Monster issue of Schlock Magazine: “Cask,” Schlock Magazine (March 2015)

More soon!

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